About Jeevan Varma

Have you worked with corporate trainers or consultants with an extensive theoretical knowledge but no understanding of the practical challenges of everyday management?

Are you hesitant about working with such professionals because they don’t fully grasp the fundamental issues of the corporate world?

While handling leadership roles in Human Resources and Learning & Development for over 25 years with various multinational corporation in India and abroad, I too have encountered these worries and issues countless times.

That’s why as a corporate leadership trainer I use my business experience and subject matter expertise to help my clients meet their real challenges.

My name is Jeevan Varma, and I help drive organisational development, change and redesign.

I have designed and facilitated leadership workshops throughout India and the Asia Pacific Region.

I truly believe that for any leadership training to propel leaders, not just to the next level, but to the highest level,

the trainer needs to be able to access the real, practical situation and objectives faced by the top-level management.

I have spent the better part of the last three decades helping executives and managers become better leaders — not just by learning leadership skills, but by learning to implement those skills in all aspects of their work.

I have designed and facilitated leadership workshops throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

I help corporate leaders excel in resolving problems and conflicts within their organisations.

I transform organisations through Experiential Learning Processes, Motivational Keynote Speeches, and Transformational Workshops on Change Management and Leadership.

As your Facilitative Leadership Trainer, I partner with you to implement the small, incremental changes to your organisational process or management practices that will transform your business by boosting profits and creating long-term sustainable results.


With decades of hands-on experience training other corporate leaders, I understand how to help leaders realise their full potential because I have walked in your shoes.

I have been in your world for decades, and know how to deal with, and overcome, the headaches you face.

I understand how to help leaders realise their full potential because I have walked in your shoes for decades.

Questions often left out but critical to ask –

  • What is the actual state of communication on your team?
  • Are your employee development and management aligned with your business goals?
  • Are you maintaining a culture that gets the most out of your human capital?
  • Are you losing out on opportunities due to inefficiencies in your current staff management practices?

Often times a simple shift of your leadership perspective can result in great improvements to your organisation’s productivity, profitability, and ability to successfully reach your short and long-term goals

Are you ready to take your organization’s leadership to the next level with skills and strategies tailored to your needs?

A working environment is only as effective as its leader.

If your organization has trouble handling change, resolving conflicts or working with a team-oriented mindset, then I’m the one who can train you to in turn boost your team’s morale.

I coach CEOs, business leaders, functional heads hands-on, moulding them into powerful, effective leaders that set examples and precedents.

I train managers to take on leadership roles, developing powerful leadership competencies to steer the organisation forward in a VUCA world.

My approach is different because I promise different results.

For your specific competency development needs please write to me at jeevan@jeevanvarma.com

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