Most of the Adult learning or Andragogy as it’s called is based on ‘experiential’ learning and varies greatly from a typical classroom session.

As adults, we learn by comparing our inherent set of belief systems, values and experiences to what the trainer is sharing and we internalize the learning only if the two resonates.

Any attempt to shove the teaching down the throat through boring lectures or slide presentation is more often than not – rejected. Coupled with the reducing levels of attention span, the real learning happens through short spurts of bite-size information packets.

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” -Immanuel Kant

Information that is relevant, appropriate, pertinent and applicable to their immediate surroundings, to solve their real-world challenges and issues are easily accepted by an adult learner as against abstract theoretical knowledge.

Kolb’s Experiential Learning cycle goes through 4 phases that explains the process of learning assimilation.

All my training are delivered in a blended manner – classroom session supported by experiential learning by way of real-life business case studies, role plays, simulation exercises etc. The objective is to stimulate the ‘thinking-self’ to understand the concepts and models and its application.

Real business case studies are explained with illustrations to make the learnings ‘stick’. Role plays allow easy experimentation within the safety of group learning for behavioural workshops.

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