Change Management

“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher.

Google the phrase change management, and it will throw up hundreds if not thousands of articles, books and case studies on Change Management.

In spite of so much focus on change and its management,

Almost 75% of all Change Management initiatives fail

In a VUCA world, the need for organisational change can be triggered either by external factors like change in competitive landscape, governmental policy, consumer preference, disruptive technology et cot it could be driven by internal compulsions like leadership change, backward or forward integration, a JV, M&A etc,

An enterprise that does not change is one that does not grow.

Companies have to be nimble and agile to retain their competitive edge and remain relevant in a disruptive and evolving marketplace. However For business leaders, however, this simple statement presents a complex problem. ,

“Change itself is not difficult; it’s resistance to change that triggers unfavourable reactions”

Handled well, organisational change can boost productivity, improve employee morale and offer growth. Handled improperly it can even push a thriving business into abject bankruptcy.


  • How do you make change initiatives ‘stick’?
  • Why is the buy-in from stakeholders so difficult to come?
  • What would it take to ensure error-free change process implementation?
  • Are there specific steps one can take to ensure a near-fail success for change initiatives?
  • When does change metamorphs into Transformation?

Learn this and more in my Organisational Change Management Program.

Organizations that are able to sustain change over time are those that focus on the fundamentals that drive successful change.

A powerful program designed for the leaders of tomorrow.

Like with any other organizational drives, people are at the core of any change initiatives too – and they come with their our own fragilities and insecurities.

“Don’t manage – lead change before you have to” – Jack Welch

So is there a secret sauce that is only known to those who maintain the momentum by consolidating those early wins into a massive transformation.

Far from it

It boils to down to adhering to some basic tenets of Change Management like communication, training, leadership engagement measurement, assurance, EQ etc.

But in spite of the common acceptance of these being key drivers of change, the companies aren’t getting any better.

“87% of the respondents train their managers to manage change, BUT only 22% report their training is effective”.

So why are change management training not as effective?

The truth is most of the training program offers only skills and knowledge, relying heavily on the over-burdened manager to roll out the initiatives in a top-down approach.

I equip you with practical tools (for daily applications) along with developing your competencies in initiating and administering organisation wide Change Programs.

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In most of the cases long before the actual trigger for change occurs there are plenty of tell-tale signs to watch for.

These EW&C (early warning and control – a term I borrowed from the Airforce) provide the much-needed prep time for organisations to harness the Power of Change.

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Learn about the Leadership Competencies to transform your organisation.

What is often ignored or forgotten when leading a change initiative is the people and cultural side of change, resulting in failure of 70% of change initiatives (according to the Kotter Institute).

Be on the right side the statistics!

My Organisational Change Management Program equips you with the knowledge and tools to understand transformational leadership and change, guidance on gaining employee commitment and overcoming resistance, and techniques to inspire your employees to welcome change and keep the organization moving in the right direction.

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