Execution Excellence

The rules of Leadership has changed. To be agile and flexible and nimble is the name of the game. Leaders must empower and allow their managers to choose the winning strategy that works. Therefore now,

Execution is the new Strategy!

Execution is NOT about gathering men in a conference room and announcing grand organizational vision. It requires extreme diligence in conception, strategizing, resource consolidation, communications, monitoring, measuring, rewarding, minor course correction and more importantly creating a culture of execution.

No wonder then that

90% of strategies fail due to poor Execution.

Thomas Edison had once famously remarked Genius is 99% of hard work and 1% imagination“. My own interpretation of it is

Having a great idea is only 1% of the effort, getting it done is the other 99%.

4 DX or 4 Disciplines of Execution is a great reference book for anyone wanting to learn more about the disciplines of execution.

My workshop on Execution Excellence will teach you the basic tenets of creating an organizational culture of Execution, hand holds you on creating the right communication, creating the rigour and disciplines of implementing flawless execution.

Another great book, written, by Ram Charan, a highly sought-after advisor to many CEOs globally also throws light on the various rigour of successfully executing a strategy.

47% of the Leaders believe Execution is most important BUT Only 9% believe their organization can execute well.

The challenge organization face starts right at the ideation stage – those who strategise are not the ones involved in its execution. This adversarial relationship lays the foundation for the proverbial GAP between strategy and Execution – every leader’s nightmare.

Lack of Commitment and absence of skilled manpower adds to the woes.

Execute any strategy with ease – Learn it now!

Execution Skills is also counted among the top of essential Leadership Skills to have to succeed.
Ability to closely monitor and measure follows a close second challenge. Lack of this results in frittering away chances of consolidating any early gains.

Execution requires discipline and it is the major responsibility of a Leader and must be at the core of any business culture.

Be the Execution Leader you aspire to be!

This Execution Excellence training will offer participants with concepts and frameworks that will help them evaluate the strategic planning and execution approach of their organizations in different business contexts.

Execution skills are critical throughout the organization within middle as well as senior management levels. The ever-changing complex world of business exerts pressure on organizations and their managers to consistently increase their performance.

This workshop has been specifically designed to equip delegates with the knowledge, skills and understanding to implement strategic plans. The focus of this program is to convert strategies into action, including designing, delivering and supporting products; to better the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and control systems and culture.

Execute to win, stay relevant!

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